July 31, 2017

This crafting luncheon was our second run through of The Real Selfie to both promote the concept and practice our teaching techniques. More importantly, it was another opportunity to spread the joy of paper crafting and let people in on the fun! Barbara hosted the event at her lovely lakefront home and had it catered by Lisa Susan Miller, which added even more appeal. Who doesn't enjoy yummy food and drinks while they craft?? She set up the crafting table so cute, there was little for me to do when I arrived besides put a couple of things out and prepare to teach! Guests started to arrive around 11:30 and after everyone got settled, we started around 12:00. Barbara was glowing as she introduced our business and explained The Real Selfie concept since this is one of her favorite projects ;) 

After her intro, we started to lead the craft. First everyone chose their shapes based on their specific facial features and hair styles. To make it easier, just in case people fo...

July 15, 2017

This party was so great for many reasons, the first one being Where the Wild Things Are is such a fun and versatile theme to work with! Secondly, our host was incredible and provided us with ample opportunity to decorate her space and entertain the kids with a craft table. What more could we ask for? The kids loved it, the parents were happy and we were glowing from all the admiration.  The party was for a twins' first birthday. Even though the babies were too little to enjoy the craft, their older family and friends got to enjoy the activity!

We arrived around 11:30 to set up all the decor and our table and before we knew it, guests were arriving at 12:30 sharp and ready for the party to begin. The "craft station" consisted of different pieces to assemble a monster mask -eyes, nose, teeth, horns, face and hair.  Each child came up to the table at their leisure to make their mask, some with the help of their parent or grandparent. The time it took varied based on the age. The olde...

June 30, 2017

OUR. FIRST. CLASS. Wow! We had been working on this moment for a long time as we planned so meticulously.  We prepped our inventory, talked endlessly about ideas, teaching techniques and reviewed details so carefully. Now it was time to put all these plans into action! But not to worry, these ladies we got to work with made us so comfortable.  We decided to have our first party with a group of young women, with the head count coming out to about 14.  I guess it wasn't hard for the host to get people involved since we titled the Facebook invite, "Wine and Craft Night." :D Since the host had just gotten married a few months before, we decided to focus the attention on her and made the theme based off one of her main obsessions...unicorns!

Back tracking a little, I'll explain the development of this class. When we settled on a theme, Amanda and I came up two versions of a greeting card - one simple and one a little more...

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