October 14, 2017

I cannot even explain to you how special and fun this day was.  I have loved interior design practically my whole life and to have an event at one of my favorite stores was a dream come true!  When you see the pictures from the day, you can’t help but notice that something special took place in Livingston, NJ on 10/14.

Our Real selfie has the ability of bringing people of different ages together for fun, makes you relax, smile and laugh as you are working on it, makes you feel good about yourself and brings out your creativity over and over again!  You may ask, how so?  All from PaperTrailsNJ and paper?  YES!  We have been told it’s such a great idea and our personalities make it that much more fun.  I believe our easiness with our clients has been brought  to our attention as well.  I have to include our love of color, paper, creativity and people all come into play also. We really do feel our designs are great for the mind and soul. You will have to try it and tell us if you agre...

October 14, 2017

This was an exciting day for us because we were traveling to NYC and testing a craft on a special group—my cousin and her precious 2 grandchildren along with a group of kids (Elo’s friends!) age 5, who love to craft, especially Elo!

As excited as we all were for the day, this one was right after school, so it wasn't surprising that the kids were tired!  Thinking back, the beginning kind of reminded me of when we have to compete with a water slide or a ball pit at a party.  Once they tire of that then they love us!  The kids were great but interested at first in the play house there, dressing up and chilling.  Totally understandable after a long day! Once they recharged, they really had fun with our Halloween masks!  (Sigh of relief!)  The kids were 5 with the exception of little “P”... she was 2 and we wanted her to have fun too.  That, she did, and she was so great!  She has such amazing motor skills for her age that she was as much involved as everyone else!...

October 5, 2017

Working with the kids is rewarding and always such a treat.  Seeing them delight in their own abilities is precious beyond words!  Samantha, Amanda and I feel very lucky that PaperTrailsNJ is catching on with the little ones!  Of course we have their parents to thank!  

We thought we would do a Halloween morning of fun, but the parents voted on our kids selfies!  The kids ranging from 18 months to 4 years old presented a challenge  for us with this particular craft.  We were concerned would it work, would it come out ok?  We designed bigger pieces for our little friends and pre-made the kits so that each one had their very own choices of pieces to make their selfie with!   This was doable because we were able to see what they looked like beforehand.  Choosing the pieces ahead would still leave them plenty of creativity in making their selfie, but with the hope it might somewhat resemble themselves and we could have them complete their selfie in the allotted time we were g...

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