Bridal Shower Fun

Gone are the days of boring bridal showers!

This activity will keep guests entertained and the bride-to-be

smiling for years to come.

How it works: 

1) Every guest at the shower gets to craft the dress they think the bride

will wear using all the fun materials and instructions provided

2) After each person is finished crafting their dress, they write a note to the bride to be on a coordinating piece of paper

3) All of the dresses and notes are collected and put into a scrapbook by our team.


What's included:

- Packets for each guest with pre-cut dress shapes, tracing paper, notepaper, glue dots, fun embellishments, and a piece of scrapbook paper.

- Instructional & customized poem and one sample page per table with tips and tricks

- Jars for each table with scissors, pencils, pens, and washi tape to share 

- Craft table on the side with extra supplies, embellishments, and dress samples

- 2 Instructors 

- Scrapbook and Scrapbook Paper