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Gold Package: Craft Box Deluxe, Starting at 25 guests

With the Bridal Shower Craft Box Deluxe, everything you need is included to entertain your guests and honor the bride-to-be! 


What you get:

- 1 craft kit per guest: Craft materials to design a dress & write a note, along with small scissors and a diamond pen for each person to use and take home as a favor. **Please note, scissors will be smaller and different as shown. Pic coming soon!

- Decorated & personalized scrapbook of your choice, 8X8 cardstock pages, and page protectors 

- Shareable washi tapes 



Starting at a minimum of 25 guests, $20 for each additional guest. Please contact us for smaller parties under 25 or larger groups over 60.


How do I set up the craft? 

You can either put one craft kit at each person's place setting or choose to open and display the craft box and have each guest choose their own. 


How do I begin the activity?  

Start by either announcing that you have a craft activity for everyone to make for the bride-to-be or read the instructional poem aloud that's included in each kit. Guests can design their dress and scrapbook page throughout the course of the shower or you can make it an organized activity and have everyone craft at the same time if you'd like.


How are all the pages collected? 

One of two ways!  Option 1) Display the scrapbook somewhere prominent in the room and have guests put their completed pages into the book. Option 2) Assign a coordinator to collect all the pages and assemble the book.



How to order:

Select your estimated headcount in the dropdown. Next select your book choice and tell us the bride-to-be's name and any custom colors for ribbons and embellishments on the book.


Processing & Shipping: 

All orders must be placed no less than 2 weeks prior to your shower. Shipping is included in the price and will be sent via FedEx tracking.

Gold Package: Craft Box Deluxe, Starting at 25 guests

  • Shipping is included in the total cost 

    No refunds accepted

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