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Where the Wild Things Are Party

This party was so great for many reasons, the first one being Where the Wild Things Are is such a fun and versatile theme to work with! Secondly, our host was incredible and provided us with ample opportunity to decorate her space and entertain the kids with a craft table. What more could we ask for? The kids loved it, the parents were happy and we were glowing from all the admiration. The party was for a twins' first birthday. Even though the babies were too little to enjoy the craft, their older family and friends got to enjoy the activity!

We arrived around 11:30 to set up all the decor and our table and before we knew it, guests were arriving at 12:30 sharp and ready for the party to begin. The "craft station" consisted of different pieces to assemble a monster mask -eyes, nose, teeth, horns, face and hair. Each child came up to the table at their leisure to make their mask, some with the help of their parent or grandparent. The time it took varied based on the age. The older kids (between 5-7) seemed to take more time while the younger ones (3-4) seemed to quickly make it and scamper off (after all, there is a lot of sugar in those cupcakes and lots of energy to burn!). Overall, the kids were super proud of their creation and some came back to make a second one! Even a little girl who was at first not so impressed with the selection of a monster craft (I think she would've preferred princesses), came around to the idea and had fun carefully making her mask putting each piece on meticulously, being careful that every piece was where it was supposed to be. We caught them as they often stopped to look in the big floor length mirror at their faces behind the masks. They were also running around chasing each other with and trying to scare one another! We were so thrilled with the reaction and we hope to do this craft again, or perhaps make another mask craft in the future. Maybe next time, princesses ;)


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