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Hoboken Charity Event

PaperTrailsNJ was asked if we would like to participate in a fundraiser for a Hoboken mother with stage 4 cancer. Without question, YES. We would provide interactive crafting entertainment for the kids and decided on a holiday theme. The fundraiser was held at a local restaurant with a hep atmosphere and PaperTrailsNJ loved it! The inclement weather did not put a damper on the day either. We not only had fun with the kids, parents and uncles there, we had fun with the other businesses in on supporting this important cause.

Back to our prep for this day...Samantha got into design mode and made hundreds of pieces for Christmas trees and Chanukah dreidels. I sorted, organized and tallied! We were told ages 2+ so it was important to come up with a craft that was appropriate for a wide age range. The design allowed for the craft to be as easy or intricate as it needed to be so as to let their creativity come out and shine! I shopped til I dropped looking for the right add-ons to this craft because we will never forget how well received this idea was at our Halloween Event in Franklin Lakes! Adults and children surrounded our embellishment table there and became more creative than we could’ve imagined! My hope was for the same to happen in Hoboken!

First, it was touching to see how many people showed up to support their neighbor. Our table was busy! Sometimes we would lay out the pieces for them and sometimes the littlest kids were so clever they designed their own trees and dreidels! Seeing the children think it out and enjoy their thought process when crafting at our tables is amazing! Watching their motor skills at such a young age be so advanced is also amazing! Girls/boys, young/old all enjoyed our table, cutting, gluing, taping, thinking, drawing, giggling, whatever, and it is so much fun to witness. It’s also fun to meet all these little people and encourage their creativity with a more subtle approach. When Samantha thought up the idea of PaperTrailsNJ, neither of us ever imagined just how much good it would bring to our customers of all ages! We are not done with our engagements for 2017, but this was a nice one near our first years end❤️

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