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Fashion Design Party


Everyone at the party will get to be a fashion designer! Mix and match the outfit pieces then add fun embellishments provided to create unique outfit. Lastly, put all the outfits in a handmade book to showcase all the designs! 


Materials Included: 2 pre-cut outfits to mix and match, gems, tulle, patterned papers to trace and cut, handmade book, glue stick and glue dots.



Girl Outfits

Boy Outfits

Mix of Both 


Custom Colors: 

Tell us in the custom field if you have any color preferences. If nothing is specified, our designers will mix and match fun styles at random!


Age recommendation: 5 & Up 

Zoom time: 30 minutes

This Zoom includes casual guidance to enhance the fun and creativity!



Option 1 (Included):  We ship or hand deliver all craft kits to you. Then you arrange distribution to all your guests before the party!

Option 2 (Additional $3.00 per kit): Crafts will be mailed to each of your guests by us. We will follow up with you to receive addresses and make sure all kits go out 1 week before your party.

Fashion Design Party

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