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The Real Selfie is our signature, trademark design! Set aside your phone and make your very own paper portrait. In this workshop, choose from a variety of our pre-cut shapes to create fabulous you, a friend or loved one. Our instructors will guide you in making your Real Selfie truly a unique piece of art. Learn to use embellishment tools and watch as your paper selfie comes together!

Price: $300 Up to 10 Guests

$25.00 Each Additional

Optional: Shadow box frames, $10/person

Time: Minimum 1.5 hours

Interactive Party Favor Option: 


- Guests help design their self-portrait aka “Real Selfie” with pre-cut paper pieces to choose from

- Our team assembles their craft on-site

- Once completed, guests are encouraged to add finishing touches at the embellishment bar

- Final product is framed in a shadow box 

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