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Elo and Friends

This was an exciting day for us because we were traveling to NYC and testing a craft on a special group—my cousin and her precious 2 grandchildren along with a group of kids (Elo’s friends!) age 5, who love to craft, especially Elo!

As excited as we all were for the day, this one was right after school, so it wasn't surprising that the kids were tired! Thinking back, the beginning kind of reminded me of when we have to compete with a water slide or a ball pit at a party. Once they tire of that then they love us! The kids were great but interested at first in the play house there, dressing up and chilling. Totally understandable after a long day! Once they recharged, they really had fun with our Halloween masks! (Sigh of relief!) The kids were 5 with the exception of little “P”... she was 2 and we wanted her to have fun too. That, she did, and she was so great! She has such amazing motor skills for her age that she was as much involved as everyone else!

We gave the kids a choice of a witch mask, Frankenstein mask, cat mask and/or pumpkin mask. This group loved the cat mask the most which interestingly was the most challenging because of the whiskers, ears, snout, etc. 2nd place was the witch! Little P made the best Pumpkin mask ever! What was the cutest was there was this glass door separating a playroom from the living/dining area...We had no idea,but when setting up we had decorated it with our PTNJ banner and the samples of masks they could make, never dreaming how much fun it would provide! This door became like the cutest stage for the kids. They dressed up in their costumes, put their masks up to their face, stood behind the door and it was so much fun seeing them laugh and play! Seeing them run around with their masks made us feel so good!

We had so much pure fun with this group as we do with all our parties, and look forward to designing more crafts for them in the future! Going to NYC was well within our travel zone of a 60 mile radius and it is even closer than several of our past NJ locations that we’ve travelled to! Hmm puts a lot of future ideas in our creative heads..

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