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Creative Works Selfie Get-Together

I cannot even explain to you how special and fun this day was. I have loved interior design practically my whole life and to have an event at one of my favorite stores was a dream come true! When you see the pictures from the day, you can’t help but notice that something special took place in Livingston, NJ on 10/14.

Our Real selfie has the ability of bringing people of different ages together for fun, makes you relax, smile and laugh as you are working on it, makes you feel good about yourself and brings out your creativity over and over again! You may ask, how so? All from PaperTrailsNJ and paper? YES! We have been told it’s such a great idea and our personalities make it that much more fun. I believe our easiness with our clients has been brought to our attention as well. I have to include our love of color, paper, creativity and people all come into play also. We really do feel our designs are great for the mind and soul. You will have to try it and tell us if you agree!

So, we got lucky with such a wonderful group of women! Not everyone knew each other but you would never know that by the way the day went. We started with some fun and creative snacks of course and refreshments which set the tone for a great time. All of this was provided by Lisa Susan Miller Caterers, a long time friend who I've used as my caterer for many events! People loved looking and poking around Creative Works beautiful showroom and found great gifts and design ideas and purchases for their homes. We set up an adorable crafting area in another room that was beyond perfect for this event. After the beginning fun, the Selfie fun excitedly began!

We explained the steps to making your Real Selfie and told everyone to get as creative as they wanted and to just have fun! No frustration allowed! We demonstrated any tools they might want to use and pointed out choices they had to create their own look, along with helpful hints. They dove right in! Samantha and I were so happy to see how much fun everyone was having and the conversation flowed so nicely amongst strangers that they soon found they had a lot in common. It was very touching. We talked about a reunion event by the time it was over and I don’t think you can ask for more than that! The results were so good, our PTNJ fans were happy enough to want to purchase frames for their Real Selfies.

This was one event that will stay with Sam and I for awhile... honestly all our events do, just that this one had a very intimate feeling about it and the positive feedback was immediate. A lot of time and effort and planning go into our events, projects, decor and classes, and this group could see that. The women’s selfies were great and really did resemble themselves. Everyone parted with such a happy feeling. We should be lucky enough to have more and more events like this one.

Credit to Lisa Susan Miller Caterers

P: 973-698-3249


Credit to Shelley Beckler for photography

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