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Unicorn Class - Girl Scout Opening Day Success

Today was so exciting because we got the opportunity to share our love of crafting and entrepreneurship with a fantastic group of 10 year old Girl Scouts! We were hired to help kick off the girls' opening day with a bang, and what better way to do that than with a unicorn craft?? Right away when the girls came in, it was clear based off their excitement that they all shared a love for unicorns. One girl was dressed to the nines in complete unicorn attire (a shirt and socks to match), another girl had a unicorn keychain - SO adorable. It was very apparent that we were in the right place!

Samantha tried her best to start off the class with as much organization as possible but after school on a Friday proved difficult for their attention spans to focus on one thing at a time. Some kids were jumping ahead so we switched from one big guided class to two small sections with me at one table and Samantha at the other, which actually turned out to be much better! Having two small groups made it easier to hold their attention and lend a helping hand when they needed it. A big savior was the instruction sheet that we had prepped and given to each child to give some guidance throughout the lesson. This way, they could get an understanding for the pieces and see how the unicorn came together before and during the lesson. Some of the girls decided to quietly read from their instruction sheet and politely go at their own pace and others enjoyed our interactive step by step instruction while simultaneously referring to the sheet. Either way, having that visual proved to be helpful as we guided them to make their magical masterpiece. At times, their motor skills and patience were challenged with the tiny pieces. However with some help, they managed to get them in place and feel a sense of accomplishment. Towards the end, we wound up having more time than expected and we decided to unveil ....glittery puff paints for decorating the kits! This seemed to be the most exciting for them and we almost felt like there wasn't enough to go around! We always instill sharing and being polite so we had them take turns with the glitter they wanted and everything worked out A-OK.

In the blink of an eye, the hour and fifteen minutes was up and it was time to say goodbye. We were glowing from the experience and the girls were so happy with their creations! This particular craft showed us again that each outcome always looks different than the other. Every child gets to express their imagination and artistic ability through different bold and beautiful color combinations. We really delight in all the endless possibilities and how much the girls enjoyed it. We were even happy to send home kits to three of the girls who couldn't make it that day and hope they had as much fun as their fellow Girl Scout troop members did!

Overall, this day turned out to be an absolute pleasure working with such a talented young group of girls and their wonderful troop leader. We are so proud of our Girl Scouts and can't wait to go back and craft with them throughout the school year!

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