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55+ Community Presentation

We travel within a 60 mile radius to our clients, and Monroe Township was 59 miles away! I think we would’ve traveled there if it had been over 60 miles because we really wanted to try out PTNJ on the 55+ community and see if we could bring fun and relaxation to that age group! We really believe our workshops, kits, craft tables and party entertainment are great for the mind and soul for all ages.

This trip down to south Jersey was more of a demonstration for the audience. Thinking it would add some fun for the group, we selected various types of paper in fun, bright what we like to call "PTNJ colors", with the idea that they would try three different paper crafting techniques—stamping, embossing, and using three types of adhesives: a tape runner, a glue stick and washi tape. As we explained each product and demonstrated the techniques, everyone had the opportunity to repeat each method on their papers. The outcome would be a template for each person to display a picture or a memento.

We set up the tables so that there were little buckets in between each person with a couple of ink pad choices and stamps, glue sticks and some washi tape. After demonstrating the correct way to stamp, everyone gave it a try on a white strip of paper. I was running around trying to clean everyone's stamps if they wanted to experiment with another color. Everyone seemed to take to the stamping! Some had never done it before but most people there were familiar with how to go about doing it. Next, we had them use the stick to adhere their decorative strip of paper onto the 12X12 bright cardstock. After that, we showed them how to use a tape runner by demonstrating how to line an envelope. We would say by the reaction, they were very impressed at how easy and beautiful the outcome of lining an envelope is. They then got the opportunity to try the tape runner to adhere their stamped strip down on the side of their paper. We could hear the enthusiasm as everyone used it and it was clear they loved this type of adhesive better than the glue stick! Next, we had them use the decorative washi tape to adhere a 4X6 piece of bright cardstock to their paper. This was the designated spot to display a picture or a memento. They loved the color choices and put the strips of tape on their cardstock all in different ways, which was so nice to see! After about 45 minutes, everyone had arranged their page how they wanted it and were holding the pages up proudly for us to take their picture.

We ended the demonstration on a high note as we showed them the grand finale - stamping and embossing! Hands down, embossing was the winner. There were a couple of experienced crafters there who knew what to expect but for the people that had never seen it before, it was a tremendous response! For those of you reading who don't know about stamping and embossing, this is a standard technique in the paper crafting industry which gives the stamp impression a raised, glossy texture on the paper. It's so much fun and opens up many more creative possibilities with DIY paper crafting! It suddenly became clear judging from the reactions that this group would definitely be interested in some card making in the near future.

In order to add a little unexpected twist, we decided to raffle off a custom selfie. We managed to gain some intrigue with this craft since we had them displayed on the tables and in the front of the room! This was a really nice way way to end the morning A lovely woman won and she will be receiving a custom selfie in the mail. We took her picture and will work from that. We hope she likes and enjoys it!

All in all, a really successful day with the senior center. We got asked back to teach a card making class in February and we can't wait to come and see our new friends. A big thank you to Monroe Township Community Center for introducing PaperTrailsNJ to your community!

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