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Helping Hands Family Child Care Butterfly Extravaganza!

So what a day yesterday turned out to be! A West Orange family care facility threw quite the party and had us as entertainment. Originally we were told to expect very small kids, but by start time we were getting 12 years olds! PaperTrailsNJ does not panic! We will work it out! No adjustments were needed with Samantha at the helm and Amanda’s hand designs suddenly easily entertaining ages 2-12.

Butterflies were it!! It’s touching to see how butterflies can appeal to so many and light up their faces! PTNJ is on a mission to promote creativity so when we see the kids have so much fun designing and decorating with their own ideas, it's so rewarding.

No two are ever alike! The funny thing is, they could be! However the kids are so interested in their own selections of color, add-ons and placements that they always seem to turn out unique. The smiles afterwards were the best! I was also touched at how they shared, waited their turns and even passed a tray to their “next door friend”. Their happy faces when done are worth all the work that goes into a PTNJ craft table. It makes us feel like we have accomplished what we set out to do - promote self esteem, creativity and prove that crafting is great for the mind and soul! We were so honored to be part of this day to provide crafting entertainment for kids and wish Helping Hands Family Child care the best of luck with their day care center.

For more information on Helping Hands Family Child Care, please visit

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