February 6, 2018

So, what does one do on a gloomy, strangely warm and foggy winter night?  You still want to get together, right?  Well, be glad that you booked PaperTrailsNJ, a unique fun concept that brings papercrafting to you! You'll laugh and relax while the creative you emerges to make something personal and unique. Tonight, this particular workshop was "Intro to Card Making", which consists of making five greeting cards; Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Personal Stationery, Thank You, and Miscellaneous/Free Choice. The techniques that were taught included: stamping and heat embossing, envelope lining and precision cutting. If you are not familiar with the versatile card making world, don't worry I'll explain later what these things are! The women who chose to be with us this evening were a tight knit group of young ladies, all in their lower 30’s. The hostess of the night was one of Samantha's long time friends, who has always shown her lots of support for all of her paper crafting endeavors! Lo...

December 17, 2017

PaperTrailsNJ was asked if we would like to participate in a fundraiser for a Hoboken mother with stage 4 cancer.  Without question, YES.  We would provide interactive crafting entertainment for the kids  and decided on a holiday theme. The fundraiser was held at a local restaurant with a hep atmosphere and PaperTrailsNJ loved it!  The inclement weather did not put a damper on the day either.  We not only had fun with the kids,  parents and uncles there, we had fun with the other businesses in on supporting this important cause.  

 Back to our prep for this day...Samantha got into design mode and made hundreds of pieces for Christmas trees and Chanukah dreidels.  I sorted, organized and tallied!  We were told ages 2+ so it was important to come up with a craft that was appropriate for a wide age range.  The design allowed for the craft to be as easy or intricate as it needed to be so as to let their creativity come out and shine!  I shopped til I dropped lo...

October 14, 2017

I cannot even explain to you how special and fun this day was.  I have loved interior design practically my whole life and to have an event at one of my favorite stores was a dream come true!  When you see the pictures from the day, you can’t help but notice that something special took place in Livingston, NJ on 10/14.

Our Real selfie has the ability of bringing people of different ages together for fun, makes you relax, smile and laugh as you are working on it, makes you feel good about yourself and brings out your creativity over and over again!  You may ask, how so?  All from PaperTrailsNJ and paper?  YES!  We have been told it’s such a great idea and our personalities make it that much more fun.  I believe our easiness with our clients has been brought  to our attention as well.  I have to include our love of color, paper, creativity and people all come into play also. We really do feel our designs are great for the mind and soul. You will have to try it and tell us if you agre...

October 14, 2017

This was an exciting day for us because we were traveling to NYC and testing a craft on a special group—my cousin and her precious 2 grandchildren along with a group of kids (Elo’s friends!) age 5, who love to craft, especially Elo!

As excited as we all were for the day, this one was right after school, so it wasn't surprising that the kids were tired!  Thinking back, the beginning kind of reminded me of when we have to compete with a water slide or a ball pit at a party.  Once they tire of that then they love us!  The kids were great but interested at first in the play house there, dressing up and chilling.  Totally understandable after a long day! Once they recharged, they really had fun with our Halloween masks!  (Sigh of relief!)  The kids were 5 with the exception of little “P”... she was 2 and we wanted her to have fun too.  That, she did, and she was so great!  She has such amazing motor skills for her age that she was as much involved as everyone else!...

October 5, 2017

Working with the kids is rewarding and always such a treat.  Seeing them delight in their own abilities is precious beyond words!  Samantha, Amanda and I feel very lucky that PaperTrailsNJ is catching on with the little ones!  Of course we have their parents to thank!  

We thought we would do a Halloween morning of fun, but the parents voted on our kids selfies!  The kids ranging from 18 months to 4 years old presented a challenge  for us with this particular craft.  We were concerned would it work, would it come out ok?  We designed bigger pieces for our little friends and pre-made the kits so that each one had their very own choices of pieces to make their selfie with!   This was doable because we were able to see what they looked like beforehand.  Choosing the pieces ahead would still leave them plenty of creativity in making their selfie, but with the hope it might somewhat resemble themselves and we could have them complete their selfie in the allotted time we were g...

September 27, 2017

We travel within a 60 mile radius to our clients,  and Monroe Township was 59 miles away!  I think we would’ve traveled there if it had been over 60 miles because we really wanted to try out PTNJ on the 55+ community and see if we could bring fun and relaxation to that age group!  We really believe our workshops, kits, craft tables and party entertainment are great for the mind and soul for all ages.

This trip down to south Jersey was more of a demonstration for the audience.  Thinking it would add some fun for the group, we selected various types of paper in fun, bright what we like to call "PTNJ colors", with the idea that they would try three different paper crafting techniques—stamping, embossing, and using three types of adhesives: a tape runner, a glue stick and washi tape. As we explained each product and demonstrated the techniques, everyone had the opportunity to repeat each method on their papers. The outcome would be a template for each person to display a picture o...

September 16, 2017

Today was His and Her Pirates Day!  Our birthday boy, Richard, was turning four and loves pirates so his mom asked us to custom design a pirate-themed craft for the party. Amanda, our creative director, decided to design pirate masks, an age appropriate craft not just for the boys, but for the girls too!  The masks were versatile enough with style and color choices so each child's craft would turn out unique. 

When we arrived to set up, we were greeted immediately by Richard, who wanted to know exactly what we were doing, what all of our stuff was and what we were going to be doing there.  To say that Richard was the best four year old host is an understatement.  He was the life of the party, greeting each guest as they arrived.  His mom told us they often call him "the mayor" because he has to make sure he talks to everyone. It was the cutest thing to observe and honestly, we can't say we have ever seen that before from a four year old....

September 15, 2017

Today was so exciting because we got the opportunity to share our love of crafting and entrepreneurship with a fantastic group of 10 year old Girl Scouts! We were hired to help kick off the girls' opening day with a bang, and what better way to do that than with a unicorn craft?? Right away when the girls came in, it was clear based off their excitement that they all shared a love for unicorns. One girl was dressed to the nines in complete unicorn attire (a shirt and socks to match), another girl had a unicorn keychain - SO adorable. It was very apparent that we were in the right place!

Samantha tried her best to start off the class with as much organization as possible but after school on a Friday proved difficult for their attention spans to focus on one thing at a time. Some kids were jumping ahead so we switched from one big guided class to two small sections with me at one table and Samantha at the other, which actually turned out to be much better! Having...

September 3, 2017

What a fun day to kick of the new school year!  PTNJ was hired by a mom who was throwing a birthday party for her six year old daughter, Liliana. She chose the Drop-In and craft option, which is our loosely guided approach to crafting. The kids can come and go as they please, make their craft and scamper off to other areas of the party and they aren't restrained to sitting down for a certain amount of time. For this party, Liliana chose two crafts for entertainment so her guests had an option - The Kids Real Selfie and The Unicorn Kit.  I would say by the kids reaction they couldn't wait to get started!

To our surprise, they all wanted to craft at the same time and came in a big wave of enthusiastic energy! Most of the girls (about eight or so) wanted to make a unicorn and about three kids wanted to make a selfie. Samantha was on the unicorn side and managed to hold the attention of all the girls and help them as they put their unicorns together.  I was on...

August 14, 2017

So what a day yesterday turned out to be! A West Orange family care facility threw quite the party and had us as entertainment. Originally we were told to expect very small kids, but by start time we were getting 12 years olds! PaperTrailsNJ does not panic! We will work it out! No adjustments were needed with Samantha at the helm and Amanda’s hand designs suddenly easily entertaining ages 2-12.  

Butterflies were it!! It’s touching to see how butterflies can appeal to so many and light up their faces! PTNJ is on a mission to promote creativity so when we see the kids have so much fun designing and decorating with their own ideas, it's so rewarding. 

No two are ever alike! The funny thing is, they could be! However the kids are so interested in their own selections of color, add-ons and placements that they always seem to turn out unique. The smiles afterwards were the best! I was also touched at how they shared, waited their turns and even passed a tray to t...

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