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Selfie Get Together

This crafting luncheon was our second run through of The Real Selfie to both promote the concept and practice our teaching techniques. More importantly, it was another opportunity to spread the joy of paper crafting and let people in on the fun! Barbara hosted the event at her lovely lakefront home and had it catered by Lisa Susan Miller, which added even more appeal. Who doesn't enjoy yummy food and drinks while they craft?? She set up the crafting table so cute, there was little for me to do when I arrived besides put a couple of things out and prepare to teach! Guests started to arrive around 11:30 and after everyone got settled, we started around 12:00. Barbara was glowing as she introduced our business and explained The Real Selfie concept since this is one of her favorite projects ;)

After her intro, we started to lead the craft. First everyone chose their shapes based on their specific facial features and hair styles. To make it easier, just in case people forgot what they looked like, we had little hand mirrors at the table. However, we had one person who decided to make her daughter and reference a specific picture on her phone. As everyone started to arrange their selfies, we helped guide everyone and lead them in the right direction but also made sure not to take their individual creativity away. There were a couple of ladies there that swore up and down that they weren't creative. However with a little bit of reassurance and artistic suggestion, they were the first ones to exclaim phrases like, "Wow the time is really flying!" and "This is so much fun, I want to have my own party!" The ladies who had a little more crafting experience were diving in full-force! We were so impressed that they took the creativity to another level by layering different pieces together in ways that we didn't even think of. We had one lady fringe her hair with scissors and two ladies make jewelry out of decorative washi tape. So innovative!

Two hours went by in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, we were ready to wrap up and take suggestions, which the ladies were very open to! We always love feedback and idea of what we can do differently. Overall, we were so thankful that everyone became so involved in the craft and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. This enthusiastic group of ladies made it so easy and such a pleasure to teach. Barbara and I both agreed that the day was a big success and a necessary learning experience to better ourselves for future classes. We can't wait to hopefully host another party for them soon!


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